Oscar the Guardian

There are so many news stories that flash across our television screens. We are bombarded with many stories on the violence in the mideast, political debates, and all the fears of the world. I normally don't watch TV news, but I do like to scan CNN.COM or other online news websites. A particular story that has caught my attention was about a little feline some are calling the "grim kitty". (of course I couldn't disagree more on the use of the word, "grim", it's more like "kitty helper"). I see this beautiful creature in a much different Light. (you can click here to read the story on foxnews.com)

Oscar the cat walks the grounds of a medical facility for patients with dementia, and knows when someone is going to pass. He walks into the rooms of the hospital as if to check up on people. When someone is within an hour or two of physical death, he sits on their bed until their spirit has left the body, and then stretches and goes on his way.

When I saw this story, I smiled because I instantly recognized what was happening. Now, many doctors and other professionals are quick to point out that there is no "scientific evidence" to prove this cat is psychic. They seem to revert to the possibilty that the cat can smell or sense the metabolic chemistry of the dying person. That's fine. Call it what you like... but animals, including cats and dogs can sense what most cannot.

Oscar is helping these people to make their transition just by being by their side, you could say...to keep them company.

Just because someone cannot communicate that they may be lonley or scared to die, many times a warm hand to hold, or the presence of a loved one can help make somone's transition a more comfortable experience. I know this because I spent the last few hours with my grandmother before her passing in 2002. She too, had a cat that would come around her when we could not be at her bedside. Her cat, would make rapid head gestures as if seeing something we could not. I could strongly feel it, and at one point I saw a group of relatives in spirit standing around her bed...and I know her feline saw them too.

With the fear surrounding death and dying, Oscar can only remind us that we too can make a difference by being present with someone who is about to die. He also reminds us that there is nothing to fear in dying. It's as natural as it is to be born. It was a true gift for me to be with my grandmother during her transition. And now, I have been inspired to volunteer in hospice work. If I weren't allergic to cats, I'd give Oscar a big kiss and a hug.

Love and Light,