Creating Your Heaven Here (as channeled by Felix Lee Lerma)

As I sit here tonight, I am asked to remind you of your personal growth. This growth cannot be labeled, contained, confined, or limited in its limitless expression! As things sometimes appear to be still, remember that the Earth is rotating at a high speed on its axis, yet the cup of tea you are holding does not spill. Such can be your spiritual growth. Just because you appear to be stagnating does not mean that you have stopped growing. Growth is happening every second of your existence.

I would also like to remind you that each and every single person in your life, including yourself (yes this does need to be mentioned!) is so loved by the Great Spirit. Fear not, beloved children, the Divine is at play here. Your life is unfolding in the EXACT way it is supposed to. There are no such things as "accidents."

Heaven will be there for you in the afterlife, but it is here on the Earth plane that we ask you to create your unique expression of this heaven. It really can be in the present moment. Look everywhere around you- there are miracles happening all around! Recognize them. Look for them, for they are sure to reveal themselves to you!

Love and Light,



Love and Light, Felix