An excerpt from the book, Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini

All experience happens for one purpose only: to expand your awareness. Any other meaning you see in your life experience is a meaning that you made up. You may not decide at a conscious level what will happen to you, but you most definitely interpret what happens according to your beliefs.

Your primary freedom lies in learning from the experiences that come your way. Of course, you can refuse to learn from your experiences. But this choice leads to suffering. If you don't know this yet, it won't be long before you do.

You might ask, "Can I remove suffering by accepting my experience and learning from it?" That is a very good question. Not only can you remove suffering, you can experience the joy of union with God. For in the embrace of your experience, correction is received and your thoughts are brought into alignment with the Divine Mind.

Life is either resistance or surrender. These are the only choices. Resistance leads to suffering. Surrender leads to bliss. Resistance is the decision to act alone. Surrender is the decision to act with God.