"As a professional psychic I've spent a lifetime in search of authentic mediums to read me. I've been read by many of the most famous psychics in the world. I started to become a non-believer of my own field. But then I met Felix Lee Lerma. He touched my soul. Not only does he have a direct line to the spirit world but he is also a humble, beautiful ray of light. We are all lucky to have found him."

Terry Iacuzzo, author of Small Mediums at Large

"One of the most gifted mediums in the world."

Hans Christian King, Internationally Acclaimed Direct Voice Medium

"My reading proved to be very insightful. I fully understand the meaning of listening to our 'voice within' and getting the endless chatter out of our minds that can interfere with us connecting to our higher selves. God Bless you and the work that you do."


"I just wanted to thank you for my reading. It was truly incredible. I still feel the warmth and love from when you brought my Grandfather through (specifically giving me his name--just unbelievable). It was so easy sitting with you. Thank you for having the love and courage to share your gift."


"I just wanted to thank you very, very much for the reading you gave Cedric and I a couple of weeks ago. The messages were very, very relevant and totally answered questions we had going in, many even before we asked them. I just wanted to also say how much your work is appreciated. It's nice to meet someone with so much joy and love in their heart."


"I really want to thank you for the reading on Wednesday!! You are amazing!!! I really needed that and I feel that you have helped to guide me in the right direction! You are truly a very special person! I would like to have a follow up session with you in a couple months."


"Dear Felix, the reading with you was mind-blowing and I am still trying to come to terms with many of the things you told me with my loved one who passed away 1.5 years ago. Most importantly, your reading helped me rest quietly one issue that has pained me for a long time. I am truly grateful for your reading."


"Your guides must be very powerful because I feel so comfortable and connected to you. I've never felt like this, having met you in person only once. I feel you've been in my life for over a hundred years. I thank God for giving you this gift because of the comfort you give to families."


Thank you again for the reading. I feel blessed by the experience. I am inspired by the way you use your gift to help and teach others. I keep saying thank you but I really do mean it...Thank you!!!!


"It was a great pleasure meeting you, you have an amazing talent and the world sure does need more people like you! I was filled with good energy the rest of the day after my reading with you. Thank you so much for your help! And keep me updated with any classes that you may be doing in the future."


"Thanks so much for the time you spent with me over the phone. It has changed my outlook on life in so many ways. You've been blessed with a wonderful gift to help people in unimaginable ways. I'm thankful to have been given a chance to talk with you."


"My reading with Felix was absolutely amazing! Not only is he truly gifted but he is also so fun and easy to talk to. I felt as though I was talking with an old friend the entire time. My reading was so accurate and comforting that I literally had a huge smile on my face for days! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!"


"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. It truly helped to restore some of my faith that has been wavering over the past several months. It was a real pleasure speaking with you and I would recommend your services to anyone."


"I really enjoyed our time together and I must tell you that already things you said have happened incredibly accurately! So thank you again, it was truly the best and clearest reading I have had yet."


"Listening to the reading on the tape right now. It's so powerful! You are in my heart now. Thank you again for an amazing reading."


"I would like to keep in touch as it reminds me of the unforgettable experience I had during our meeting. It is helping me out a great deal...your influence in my life is like a miracle."


"It really was wonderful to spend time with you and will go down as one of those special life moments. Let's keep in touch as I am sure our paths will cross again and you were fundamental in my awakening to the tears of my soul..."


"Felix, you made a believer out of me and I am very thankful that you came into my life at this time. It was just so spiritually uplifting for me to hear those words and reminders of things I already know...Thanks for everything, I have been on this spiritual high since then!"


"Thank you so very much for the beautiful reading. It was great hearing from my grandmother and Jason's friend. You are very special."


"Felix, I can't thank you enough for the phone reading. I just wanted to update you... You told me that my husband would find out something about his job today (6/16)-- Well, he did!! He got the job and he starts on Aug 7th. And he found out TODAY. I've told MANY people about my reading with you and they all want your info. They all are goosebumpy when I'm telling them my story. My husband was brought to tears when I told him about the reading...you are top notch, and I thank you again for what you've done. You have such a gift that will help so many people. Please let us know when you come to Chicago!"


"I really enjoyed the group reading. As usual, you told me exactly what I needed to hear, right on target! I'm still a bit in disbelief because the things you told me are my dreams and fantasies, and having them come true would be just out of this world. I really enjoyed being in your presence... it just feels good."