My First Visitation

Early on in life when I was eight years old, my grandfather passed away. I still felt him. The feeling he was still with me was so strong that I just knew it. He visited me about a week after his passing in a dream. He told me not to be sad because he loved me very much and was still with me. He poured me a glass of milk and sat with me at the kitchen table. It was a dream, yet it felt so very real in fact, I awakened with my shirt soaked from real tears. An experience such as this is never forgotten. It can never be touched. It can never be taken from me, or evaluated by anyone else. It opened up the metaphysical world for me at such a young age.

In early 2002, my grandmother was diagnosed with a progressive form of cancer. She and I knew this was very serious. As time when on even with chemotherapy it continued to spread. We always talked openly about what "death" really was, and we both believed in the afterlife. I would record Crossing Over with John Edward show all week long and would send her VHS copies of it. She enjoyed watching it because she knew it to be real. We often spoke about the afterlife and I asked her when she arrived to the other side, to pay me a visit to let me know how she was doing. Not only did she promise me that she would, but we even agreed upon a sign she would give me to let me know she was near. She never broke her promise.

After about three weeks of her passing, one night I fell asleep only to find myself sitting up on her sofa in her house. I was feeling so sad in this dream. I looked around and saw my mom and dad and other family members also in her living room, then out from her room came my grandmother! She was wearing a bright purple robe and she looked so vibrant and healthy. She sat down next to me and said:

"Mijo, (Spanish term of endearment-which means 'my son' that she always called me) I'm doing so well! I met our savior -- this place is nothing like I ever expected it to be! I'm still learning and doing so much. Don't worry you will be coming here too. I'm learning about metaphysics with you too and helping you. I have to go now, I love you very much."

She smiled and gave me a hug that took away my sadness. She then walked back to her bedroom and laid down on the bed and disappeared. I woke up at that instant crying. I looked around the darkened bedroom and felt her presence. I smiled and said aloud, "thank you grandma, I love you so much". I felt so elated that I wanted to start calling my family and tell them; except for the fact it was only four in the morning. I had waited for her, I had kind of let go of thinking she was going to show up any minute and she came when I least expected it.

Remember, your experiences are for you. We can share them with others and sometimes others will be able to relate. Sometimes they cannot relate to them and therefore may not believe, for they have not experienced it. Do not be bothered by this, for we are all here to learn through each and every circumstance in life. Whether we decide to judge this experience as " bad" or "good" it is important to remember that it just "is". Each experience is like a piece to a puzzle. How do we know whether or not we benefit from an experience, when we do not yet have all the pieces to the puzzle?

Love and Light- Om Namah Shivaya (Thy Will Be Done),
Felix Lee Lerma