Beliefs And Experience Part II

Several months ago I wrote an article titled, "Experience and Belief." After having read it again just recently, I kept hearing this thought: our beliefs actually create our experience. It made sense to me. Then, as I have been looking more in depth at a few beliefs that I have been holding, I'm realizing how my experiences are proving my belief to be correct! Could it really be that if I change my belief about something then I can actually change my experience relating to it? Yes.

What are your beliefs regarding money? Do you think you do not have enough of it? If this is what you find yourself saying a lot, then guess what? You will never have enough because your limited belief of "I don't have enough" only reinforces your experience of not having enough. Holding onto, and owning the fear of not "having enough" only invites more of that fear. What a vicious cycle! And then we say, "what a horrible, horrible cycle I just can't get myself out of!!!" you can guess what my response to that would be.

It is now time to say, "I have enough, I will always have enough and I trust the universe is going to take care of my needs." Even if that negative voice comes,"but if I say that I have enough when I really would like to have more, doesn't that mean I'll only get what I ask for? Just...enough?" The universe knows what you need more than anything. The negative energy of worry only holds us back from seeing the truth. When you align yourself with the energy of positive affirmation and appreciation for what you do already have, you are actually making room for more. Abundance is yours always when you allow yourself to just believe it.

Love and Light, Felix