The following testimonials are from some of those who participated in Felix and Terry's most recent workshop in NYC on Aug. 27th, 2006 entitled, "Unfolding Your Spiritual Gifts." This is what they had to say:

"Terry & Felix, you guys are so loving and in the moment, every single person is touched by the power of that love. Not only did I feel my psychic abilities were honed sharper from this workshop, I also felt just being there was so healing. It was like having an auric massage."


I wanted to let you know what has happened to me since leaving your workshop. In my readings I usually do what I call a healing and run my hands around the person's aura. Between yesterday and today I have done 3 readings where I can now feel heat from any injury in the body, new or old. This has never happened to me before and is a giant help for me to help the folks that are 'sent' to me. I am so thankful to you and Felix for having the workshop. I made some fast friends and departed feeling uplifted and quite sure of my direction. Something dramatic shifted in me energetically."


"I really liked the exercises with another person in the group. These exercises really drove the point home that we all have intuitive powers."


"I really appreciate what Felix had to say about my current state of mind and what was going on with me straight out of no-where. It was very emotional and hit home but helped me a lot. I enjoyed the way Terry and Felix spoke to us as a group as a group and individually. It was incredible to see them in action especially when conversing with the deceased."


"Both you and Terry created a place of safety. Egos were left out of the room, and it provided a space of comfort and connection."


"Felix and Terry presented the material in a really down to earth, very real, very open way that de-mystified the process of intuitive reading for me. I felt that I could ask them whatever question that sprang to mind, as they seemed open and free of ego interference! The most helpful part of the workshop for me was Felix and Terry's constant assertions that you can make this spiritual link work for YOU and that you don't have to be a victim to psychic abilities."


"I loved doing the exercises and would love doing more. I enjoyed discovering that I had some previously unrecognized talent for psychometry. In addition I met a really nice, interesting person!"


"I really enjoyed the opportunity to be in a workshop with Felix and Terry. I liked the fact that there were such wonderful and supportive people in the room who were generous with their observations and insights. The psychometry exercise was great because it gave me a chance to try out a new way to receive information."