Psychometry is the ability to read and tune into an object so that you can give details about it, its owners and its history. The main use of psychometry is in identifying its owner - and their experiences.

The auric field of the object contains within it the information of all that the object has come into contact with. Much like a diary or file of events. When you are sensitive enough you are able to tune into that field, and you can then access and see those memories that are stored. You can then use them to identify whom the object belongs to and their feelings, and also a number of other things about both the item and the owner.

Many mediums use psychometry as a means to obtaining a link with the person that they are reading for - the object gives them a focus to help them to sharpen and heighten their abilities. Police investigations have used psychometrists on items belonging to victims - or clues left at the scenes of crimes to try and identify criminals.

J. Rhodes Buchanan, an American physician and scientist, coined the term "psychometric", in 1842. He spent a large part of his life exploring psychic phenomenon. He made the word from the Greek word Psyche, meaning 'soul' and Metron meaning 'measure' (soul measuring).

Clairvoyance — meaning "clear vision", is the ability to see beyond the physical, to see clear visions in your mind's eye, to see the future. This also refers to the ability for some people to physically see spirits or spirit energy.

Clairaudience — meaning "clear hearing" is the ability to hear beyond the physical, to hear spirit, to hear that which stand out of your regular thoughts. This becomes stronger and clearer as you train yourself to distinguish your own thoughts and thoughts that come from outside yourself (spirits and spirit guides).

Clairsentience — meaning "clear feeling", is the ability to "feel" the energy of the physical world, and those in spirit. Feeling how someone passed, feeling the personality of someone in spirit, feeling the energy of people and things here in the physical world are examples.

Psychic vs. Medium — Many people have asked me what the difference is between a PSYCHIC and a MEDIUM. This is a valid question. A PSYCHIC PERCEIVES information, while a MEDIUM RECEIVES information. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.